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Before starting the education part of my career, I’ve been a wedding photographer (for more than 10 years now!). And I’ve been meeting colleagues all over the world, all the time, in a way they always find themselves with the same issues or problems. It’s interesting for me to realize that I actually always share the same […]


February 6, 2023

PHOTOGRAPHER’S WEEK: 5 Tips to Upgrade our Businesses.

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We spend our time talking about differentiation. But definitely, this notion isn’t clear and terribly abstract. By definition, we are all different. As a human being of course, and as a brand. And by our name or our logo. However, there are still terribly many of us who do not highlight these differences, while in […]


February 25, 2022

TIP OF THE WEEK #004 | The 3 pillars of differentiation

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