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ENG. In the world of communication, the sentence “We sell what we show” could be a mantra or a quote that we put on t-shirts, as everything is said, in a few words. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes allow ourselves to be overwhelmed, and we can personally get attached to a product, a service, or a […]


November 4, 2022

MCEducation | #1 WE SELL WHAT WE SHOW!

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There are many ways for our leads to be in touch with us. And between all of them (emails, phone call, text message…) my favorite is definitely the submission form on my website. Through this form, you have the control to ask all the details you need to know to adapt your reply and to […]


February 25, 2022

TIP OF THE WEEK | Optimize your submission form

submission form entrepreneur optimization
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We spend our time talking about differentiation. But definitely, this notion isn’t clear and terribly abstract. By definition, we are all different. As a human being of course, and as a brand. And by our name or our logo. However, there are still terribly many of us who do not highlight these differences, while in […]


February 25, 2022

TIP OF THE WEEK #004 | The 3 pillars of differentiation

entrepreneur differentiation how to be different
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Let me ask you a question: what do you dream about what your ideal life would be like? I’m pretty sure you’ll find an answer to this question, because we all know what we would like to do. This could be something like: open an online shop, work in the crypto currency market, become a […]


January 17, 2022

TIP OF THE WEEK #003 – From a dream to reality

small steps entrepreneurs
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Well, I was at the supermarket on December 31st and the atmosphere shocked me. The plans of most people I talked to was to stay home, watch Netflix, eat, drink until midnight and then go to bed. I’m not a party girl, so I was okay with these plans, but I was shocked by the […]


January 1, 2022

TIP OF THE WEEK #002 – Create a 2022 strategy

ready for 2022 strategy business entrepreneurs

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