meet maddy

for a face-to-face

spend an entire day or two dissectong your business, your art, communication and your branding. Go from where you are now to your goal

From where you are now, to your goal, let's build an entire concrete strategy with an honest point of view, to share with you the keys learnt through ten years of experience from scratch to the luxury market.

are you ready to jump into the next level?

how does that work?


Let's take a coffee and talk.
tell me your story, tell me your journey, everything that drives you where you are today. who are your current clients, what is your average sell, what do you sell, how, whom? i want to know everything!

WHERE do you want to go?

what is your goal, what is your ideal client? let's talk about your dreams, the most of them are actually possible to realize! without filter, tell me what is in your heart, what about the ideal monthly money you'd like to earnn, the quality your want to produce...

how are you going to organize this change?

how many time do you have per day? per week? per month, to care about this new life? do you want to go step by step, or to completely change everything tomorrow and start again from scratch?

let's build a strategy

with all these information, we're going to build together the strategy, concrete, with differents steps to apply directly the day after our meeting.
leave the one-to-one with a book and a real marketing, communication and branding strategy.

upgrade & personalize your experience

website review

let's take a look at your website and show you what you can improve. Without being a website expert, it's more about the codes you send, the message behind each image used or words written.

social networks review

let's dive into your social networks. instagram, pinterest, facebook... let's have a look on your everyday communication and try to raise it to the next level.

creating content

need new contents for your website or socials? let's organize a bespoke session together to end your one-to-one with enough images to share for a while!

dive into a one-to-one with maddy

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