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BRANDING package

canva templates



+ 1 price-list with 3 collections

+ 1 bespoke proposal

+ 1 welcome document with your workflow explained

+ 1 "before the session/before the wedding" document

+ prints/album document

Each document can be modified on the CANVA platform for free

Delicate and soft beige tones for this branding package, with neutral and timeless fonts to sent elegant message to your clients.


each week, a tip to elevate your business to the next level

the 4-hour work week


the purple cow

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THE MIRACLE MORNING for entrepreneurs

The book that changed my life and my lifestyle. A complete system to start the day with the best vibes possible an enhance your productivity.

Just an essential to have in your library, to learn how to optimize your time and organize your carrier to work less and earn more.

This book was an extraordinary surprise for me, as I'm fascinated by how using a specific word or doing a specific gesture can have an impact on your communication.

Everything is in the title, BE DIFFERENT! The concept explained and illustrated with famous brands we all know.