Years ago, when I just started, I photographed with pleasure the wedding of my cousin. It was my wedding gift to them, and also for me the way to try new things, to start the season and to have new content.
I didn't realize yet at this moment that I was going to find my "WHY" in the heart of my family...

Months, years later, we organized a family party. The kids were now there, and older, and someone asked to my cousin "Oh, what about your wedding album? I've never seen it!" 

I have a story...

"I'm totally obsessed by the idea of legacy. 

the most incredible gift you can give to the next generation is actually the story of the family"


And they all sat down on the couch, turning the pages of the album, explaining to the kids who was who and laughting seing how young and valiant they were.

They also were touched seing pictures of the missing ones, and they closed the album on their knees, with many emotions in their eyes.

I catched the moment with my phone, tears on the edge of my eyes, and I understood why I do this job.

life is too short to overthink

“ In every thing we do, I keep in mind the concept of legacy. There is this image, this vision, this projection into the future, where each of my newlywed meet in ten years, surrounded by their kids and watching their wedding album. 
This magical moment is what feds each of my step and my project. 
I work every day to allow these new families to live these inestimable moments.

I strive to accompany my couples in the extraordinary adventure of their wedding, to become more than a service provider, but a partner. 
And together create timeless images, strong emotions, and signed their unique story.

I am a photographer, an adventurer, a creator, and I am looking to let you wedding photographs as amazing as your event. “ 

"You were not a supplier,
you were a partner of our wedding"

Clara & Pierre

Married in 2019


Maddy Christina is an eminent photographer who values her years of experience in the wedding photography industry and is inspired by travels and encounters.

Maddy develops his artistic approach in parallel with his favorite medium - the film - to compose delicate images, striking of sincerity, while lightness.

Her goal is to mix beauty and reality, creating images that will remain works of art.




animal lover

shoes addict

french riviera ambassador

wearing black only

leaving between dubaï & france


from the liviing-room to the luxury market

October 11th 2011

first studio in the village, building a small studio in the living room and putting stickers on the windows.

north east of france

October 2012
first real studio

finally a place dedicated to welcome guests, to let all the studio lights and backgrounds, and to go every morning.

first international session

the taste of developing an international brand was stronger and stronger. it's all about a story...


first destination wedding

fist wedding in france, second wedding in new-york. and the magic of the communication happened.


new agency

new agency




discovery of dubaï

one step on the floor of dubaï for a session, and the magic sensation to be home. this sensation was that strong that now we have been moving here during the winter.
One year later, we opened our studio here.

MY french riviera


We should agree about something; we only have one sun. The same for the entire planet and for all of us.

We maybe have the same sun, but for sure we don't have the same light and colors.

The unique magic of the French Riviera, is this incredible warm light, with an amazing blue color. I'm totally obsessed by this mix, and that is what makes this place of the world simply unique...

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